Mike Sargent
Mike SargentCPA
Michael M. Sargent is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA); Certified Internal Auditor and former Chief Financial Officer for a defense contractor, hospital and institution of higher education. He specialized in working with entrepreneurs starting new businesses.
Lindsay Dereszynski
Lindsay DereszynskiRegistered Agent
Lindsay Dereszynski is a key element to the success of Tax Management & Financial Horizons. She is an experienced office manager and bookkeeper providing skilled assistances to the team accountants. She is the go-to person for answers regarding timely filings and adds professional customer support to the team.
Bev Cobb
Bev CobbTax Preparer
Bev Cobb is an experienced tax preparer and is currently completing her Enrolled Agent Certification, She has many years of experience preparing taxes and has one year of service with Tax Management & Financial Horizons.
Kim Wenzel
Kim WenzelEnrolled Agent
Kim Wenzel has earned certification as an Enrolled Agent (EA) from the Internal Revenue Service and is currently enrolled in the MBA program at Lakeland University with the goal of becoming a Certified Public Accountant.
Jennifer Hipkiss CFP®, EA, MSFP
Jennifer Hipkiss CFP®, EA, MSFPCertified Financial Planner and Enrolled Agent
Jennifer has a passion for serving clients and helping each person achieve their personal financial goals. Jennifer is an independent fiduciary advisor available to help you answer the important financial questions and decisions you face.


We’re here for you all year – not just during tax season – to provide tax and accounting advice and assistance whenever you need it.From tax planning to income tax returns, we’re the experts.


“Mike Sargent is very professional and helpful. He is extremely punctual with answering of email and phone calls. He has given me excellent advice regarding my small business. I would highly recommend using this company.”

Diane Sutrick, 1/21/2017

“Mike not only provides expert and affordable tax preparation services, he can also be counted upon to dispense useful, timely and sound financial advice at a dime. His guidance over the years has been indispensable to my husband and me. I hold Mike and his team in very high regard.”

April Bautista, 11/15/2018

“Mike Sargent is a trusted asset to my small business. He offers seasoned advice and insight that has helped my business grow throughout the years. I highly recommend his tax services for personal and business. Thank you for everything, Mike!”

Amanda Dalnodar, 12/12/2017

“So happy to see Bev at Tax Management! Years of experience and great customer care brings us back to see her each year. Employees are happy to be here, this speaks volumes for the business owner who I had the pleasure of meeting on the way out.”

Monalisa Battaglia, 13/3/2018


Snapshot of Biden’s Student Loan Relief Plan

By |August 31st, 2022|

The talk of the town is regarding Biden’s Student Loan Relief Plan. It is still in the works but here’s a breakdown of what we know so far. This is still a proposal and is [...]

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By |October 11th, 2021|

Many self-employed taxpayers are booking trips now in an effort to reenergize their business opportunities. Good news: If you meet certain requirements, you can write off the bulk of your travel costs, even if you [...]



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