Tax Management & Financial Horizons offers a new concept in time saving for the preparation of your 2016 income taxes.   This service is for the busy tax payers that don’t have time to make an appointment to visit a tax preparer nor do they want to share their sensitive information using unsecure e-mail.

First, we need you to call Tax Management & Financial Horizons at 262 923-8100 Ext 1 and ask for Mike.  We will ask you three simple questions:

  1. What is your email address?
  2. What is your first name?
  3. What is your last name?

Second, we will create a file folder exclusively for you in the very secure Citrix Cloud “Share File” system.

Third, you will receive an email from Citrix asking you to access your  file folder in their secure system and to create a unique secure password to enable you and only you to access your file folder.

Forth, you will find a document titled “Tax Management & Financial Horizons Client Information Sheet” in the share file folder.  We ask you to down load this sheet, complete the relevant areas and then save the completed form and upload it to the Share File. You can also take a photo of the sheet and upload the photo to the Share File.

Fifth, you can upload your various tax documents, W-2’s 1099’s 1095’s, charitable contribution receipts or a schedule of contributions, mortgage interest payment statements, property tax invoices and any other documents you have to your personal file folder in Share File.

Upon receiving your document in Share File Tax Management & Financial Horizons will call you with a firm fixed price quote as to our charges for the service.   When you agree that we should proceed, we will begin preparing your tax return.

If we have any questions regarding additional information to complete your taxes, we will contact you by telephone.

When the tax return is complete we will call you and go over the results.  When you are satisfied with the results, we will load a required signature document to Share File; which you and (if filing a joint return) your spouse will sign.  You will then place the signed document copy or photo of the document in the Share File.  We will e-mail you an invoice.  We accept payment via credit or debit card and check. Upon receipt of your payment and the signed document in Share File we will e-file your return and place copies of the return and any documents we created in Share File for your use.

Mike Sargent a CPA and Kim Wenzel and Enrolled Agent will be available to answer any questions you may have after the return in complete with no additional charges.  If you should receive an inquiry from the IRS or the WI Dept. of Revenue, we will be there to help you respond to the letter.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact Mike Sargent @ 262 923-8100 Ext 1.