We are living in extraordinary and unsettling times. With the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic still taking shape in Wisconsin and all of us experiencing dramatic changes to our daily lives, we wanted to let you know that the Tax Management family is thinking of you and hoping that your loved ones are safe and well.

Tax Management is very concerned over your well being and that of our employees and all the citizens of Wisconsin.  We understand people have apprehension over transmission of the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) and are seeking to avoid encountering other individuals while maintaining a somewhat normal life.  The anxiety is now compounded by the Wisconsin Governors direction to “stay at home” or “shelter in place” and the closing on non-essential businesses.

If you are expecting a tax refund and would like to expedite the process during this period of limited activity or you would like to complete while you comply with “stay at home” or “shelter in place” directive, Tax Management and Financial Horizons offers two alternatives.

Drop Off

There is a table inside our outer door on which you can place your documents without encountering another person.  These documents will be secured as soon as you leave the outer door and your taxes will be prepared by a tax professional.  The tax professional will call you with questions as they prepare your return. When your return is completed the tax professional will contact you, review your tax return details with you over the telephone and electronically send you the Form 8879 to sign.  When the Form 8879 is returned to the tax professional your taxes will be immediately filed electronically.

The tax professional will also contact you regarding delivery of a copy of your return to you.  You can select from the following alternatives,

  • Receive an encrypted electronic copy via a secure cloud base system operated by Citrix called Sharefile.
  • Have a paper copy mailed to your address.
  • Pick up a paper copy after the Lock Down is lifted.

Your tax professional will work with you regarding payment for the service.  Electronic filing will not be delayed awaiting payment. All returns will be filed when the Form 8879 is returned to Tax Management.  Your tax professional will arrange payment for services with you.

If you elect to drop off your tax information don’t forget to include a telephone number and email address at which you can be contacted.

Electronic Communication

Call 1 262 923-8100 Extension 1, 2 or 3 and Mike Sargent, Lindsay Dereszynski or Kim Wenzel will open a secure cloud-based file folder in which you can upload your tax documents.  You can scan or photograph your tax forms to upload into the Encrypted and Secure Cloud based server operated by Citrix.  

The tax professional will assist you with the process.  As the documents are received by the tax professional, he or she will process your return and call you with any questions.  When your return is completed the tax return and the Form 8879 will be uploaded into your file folder. You will receive an email from Citrix when any new documents are added to your file.

After you have reviewed your return with the tax professional you can print, sign and scan or photograph the Form 8879.  Upon receipt of your Form 8879 your tax return will immediately be filed electronically. Your tax professional will arrange payment for services with you.